Shimajiri Kinsermae Diabetes Care Clinic Mission Statement

 In our everyday out patient care, our pledge to the community is to utilize our knowledge and
 experience to the fullest extent. In order to fulfill this commitment, we do our best to put
 this statement into action. Our focus is on diabetes and other lifestyle related deseases.

  1.To be practical.
   Seishyu Hanaoka, a renowned physician of old in Wakayama, who used anesthesia
   successfully for the first time anywhere in the world, used to say, "There is only one way
   to practice medicine and that is by practicing using one's own knowledge." We offer the
   highest quality of medical science in the field of diabetes. We measure your blood glucose
   and hemoglobin A1c, and other biomarkers in our laboratory on the same day you come in
   to see us.

  2.To be research-oriented.
   Diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases are complex. We continue to look for answers
   through ongoing research. Therefore, we maintain a research-oriented mindset regarding
   the treatment of these diseases. We are always trying to refine what we do in order to be
   as effective as possible in our daily work. Gods exist in the details. Keeping our minds
   centered on research challenges us as well as brings advancement to the field of diabetes

  3.To be benevolent.
   Samurai warriors had the benevolent mind, known as Sokuinno-jou. They believed in
   keeping a helpful mind concerning the weak. Our ancestors in the Miyako islands helped
   shipwrecked Germans hundreds of years ago. The spirit for opening our minds to all
   nations, having a sense of humor, and supporting community-based welfare is our tradition
   in the Miyako islands. This tradition is reflected in our effort to provide a clinic as a healing
   center to assist you in maintaining your overall health. We embrace this philosophy in
   our approach to our clients and seek to promote holistic health as a way of life.

  We believe our credo will assist us in making powerful advancements in the field of diabetes
  care. Shimajiri Kinsermae clinic is located across the street from Camp Kinser. As we look
  over the fence at nearby Camp Kinser, we also feel that we are "looking over a nearby
  fence" in terms of overcoming diabetes and that someday we will cross over that fence.

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